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The Packaged food industry has been doubled in past decade and is expected to treble in few years ahead. The urbanization and modern lifestyle and fast moving new generation plays a vital role in the consumption of On-the – go food products.

The packaged food demands the enhanced self life with safe PRESERVATIVES. Natural Food preservatives like Nisin and Natamycin play a vital role in preventing deterioration of food, protecting against spoilage from mold, yeast, life-threatening botulism and other organisms that can cause food poisoning. By extension, preservatives reduce food cost, improve convenience, lengthen shelf life and reduce food waste.

Importance of Natural Preservatives

Natural Preservatives like Nisin & Natamycin Improves the Quality and Safety of food products. It prevents the bacterial and fungal growth naturally... generally new generation prefers natural preservatives over synthetic preservatives as these ingredients project an image of being natural, socially responsible and clean label. Nisin and Netamycin prolong the product freshness … and keep it fresh in the SELF for long .time …

Why synthetic preservative is not good?

The synthetic PRESRVATIVES…. can trigger allergic reactions and possibly lead to other serious health issues; you can have an allergic reaction to any compound if your immune system considers it pathogenic or disease causing.

Future of Natural Preservatives

New generation consumers are looking for preservative-free claims on food and beverage label, which opens the door for innovation in the area of natural food preservatives like Nisin and Natamycin.

Freda Nisin and Natamycin have been increasingly incorporating preservative ingredients because they significantly improve shelf life, aroma, taste and other aspects of Dairy, Meat and poultry products. Compared with conventional synthetic preservatives, natural preservatives such as Freda Nisin & Natamycin are gaining more acceptances from consumers as these ingredients project an image of being natural, socially responsible and clean label.

"So keep your Bread, Cheese, Paneer, Coconut Water and Meat more fresh by using FREDA Nisin and Natamycin, without any fear of bacterial and fungal growth."
- GS Singh